Sunday, 4 December 2016

this week 004

Sunday updates are my favourite posts to write, as I live in London I often tend to explore new restaurants and different places. Selfie will be Sunday's post standard. 

As we recently had Black Friday, I've picked up few bits with cool offers. For example Deciem each year has the best beauty deals. I bought the 3 HIF Cleansing Conditioners for £28, that's the cost of only one cleansing conditioner, such a great deal! I've tried the Volume Support Cleansing Conditioner  today and it left my hair feeling really soft and volumised. The new Powder Beauty Drawer contains so many great products, such as the Foreo Mini Luna, full NARS Orgasm Blusher and many more. 

Last night we went to the La Nonna Restaurant in Wimbledon. The Lasagne was so tasty, not to mention the wine! That was on point. Overall, the restaurant has such a great atmosphere and the service is really fast and great too, if you around you should check it out.

So much have changed since the last update, but currently I am really happy, apart from the fact that my cat is unwell. Sadly she has Anemia and will need blood transfusion to recover. I can't wait for Christmas Holidays, to have some time off work, as I am so busy lately. I love December as it's Vlogmas times, so many of my favourite Youtubers are filming. Can't wait for Samantha to give birth to her daughter. Who do you like to watch? Hope you all had an amazing weekend!
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Friday, 2 December 2016

pay day pick - marc jacobs under(cover) coconut face primer

The pay day series are finally back on the blog. At the end of every month on Friday (pay day Friday) I'll be posting a beauty pick. This month my pick is the Marc Jacobs under(Cover) coconut face primer, a must have in my opinion. It's not only does smell amazing, but does help your skin to stay moisturised, as well as it's makes your face feel really smooth. Applying foundation on top of the primer is a lot more easier and lasts a lot more longer. The primer makes your skin look more glowy. If you would like to treat yourself for pay day, definitely pick up this primer, it's worth every penny!

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